Signing up to Railwork is easy and takes a under a minute. 

Anyone applying for work or jobs on Railwork is a 'Candidate'.

First, click on the sign-up button in the top right hand corner of the menu.

On the sign up page, enter your First Name and Last Name.
Enter a Username that you won't forget along with your Email Address.
Create a secure password - the form will tell you if it's not strong enough.
Under the Register As label, make sure you have selected Candidate

*If you want to sign up as an employer, choose employer and follow this article.

Once you've signed up you will see this screen and receive an email in your inbox confirming your sign up.

You can now view the, Applications and CV menu items under your name in the top right hand corner. 

Before you can apply for jobs, you'll need to create your Railwork CV.
This takes a couple of minutes, using our online CV building. Don't worry, you won't need any recommendations, just follows the wizard to build your CV in no time!

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