Submitting your 'CV' or 'Resume' (they're the same thing) to Railwork is easy, and only takes a few minutes. 

Hover over your name in the top right hand corner. Or on mobile, click the menu marker and scroll to the bottom, click on CV

On this page you can view, edit and create your Railwork CV.

Click the Add Resume button.

Filling out the Resume Form

There are a couple ways to fill out the resume form. The easiest will be to import your resume from LinkedIn. 

Click the Import from linkedIn which will open up LinkedIn, login and you can import the information.

All the fields marked (optional) are optional however every other field is required.
We need this information in order to best operate the app.
To be safe, fill out every field.

Region: Where you're based in the UK.

Professional Title: This is your job title, whether you're a strap man, site warden. Don't worry, you can apply for jobs that don't match your job title so keep this generic.

Sentinel Number: This is required so that employers can check your competencies using Sentinel. If you don't have a Sentinel Number please see here.

Full Address: Start typing your full home address and the dropdown will use Google to autocomplete your exact address. 

Uploading a photo can increase the number of jobs you get by 35%

Upload a good, well-lit headshot by selecting a file and uploading it.

I found this online - it's the classic thing you see on the side of a passport photo booth but you get the idea.

Adding your competencies

We have pre-filled the app with every Sentinel Competency.
Start typing the competencies that you hold and click on the ones you currently have
Important ** They must be VALID and up to date.
Enter all of your competencies to increase your candidate visibility. 

Entering your Resume Content

This is a text box where you can sell yourself. Employers will see this information and it's the only part of your CV that you can write. 

We recommend writing something short and informative, perhaps your experience, how often you've worked in the industry and what roles you've had, really sell yourself for the job, but keep it under 250 words. 

Optional: Enter Education and Experience

If you click add education or add experience the box will drop down. Whilst adding education or experience is optional we Highly Recommend it. It will make your CV stand out among other candidates. 

Every field is required in both of these drop downs.

Before you can submit and preview your CV, fill out the capture checker. This is to make sure we don't have thousands of bots applying for jobs or candidates cheating.  

Click Preview 

On the next page you will see your CV, check it for spelling errors and grammar. Once it's all clear, click Submit.

Congratulations, you've just filled out your Railwork CV and are ready to...

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